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About Mountainside Youth Basketball

Mountainside Youth Basketball, located in Beaverton, OR, offers competitive basketball to girls and boys in 5th through 8th grade. Teams are formed in late fall and play in area tournaments during the normal basketball season.  Mountainside Youth Basketball, Inc. is an Oregon 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

MAVUP Vision Statement

"Mountainside Youth Basketball is an organization dedicated to providing student-athletes with opportunities to excel, and thereby advance their athletic, academic, and social development. In doing so, we work together to field teams that strive to achieve excellence while displaying growth, integrity and accountability." 

Mountainside Youth Basketball is part of the Metro Youth Development Program, home of Metro Youth Basketball.


2 days to the registration deadline

Important Dates and links below:

Program Due Date






Mountainside Youth Basketball (MYB)

Winter Season 2023-2024 / Parents Information 

General Information:  

  • All teams will meet with the MYB Board on Monday, 11/6/23 at 7pm at the Mountainside High School cafeteria.
  • All registration fees of $225/per player must be paid in full on the website by 11/30/23. This covers the costs of practices and insurance.  
  • If a player needs assistance for registration fees, please contact James Amano.  


  • Uniforms include jersey, shorts and shooting shirt. Jersey will include number and last name. Shooting shirt will include last name.
  • Estimated cost: $105
  • Each player must order by 11/10/23, to have their uniforms on time.

Team Practices:  

  • Mountainside Youth Basketball Program is a competitive program and practices should be prioritized over other seasonal/year-round sports. 
  • Each team will have two weekday practices a week at a local school gym, facilitated by BeavertonSchool District and the MYB Board.  
  • Each team practice will have a BSD scheduled facilities monitor. Please refer to the Mountainside Youth Basketball Program Code of Conduct.  If there are any issues or concerns shared by the monitor, your team may lose practice time or access to the facility.  
  • Parents/guardians/siblings shall not attend or watch practices. There is a 10-minute grace period of drop off and pick up.  
  • Practice slots TENTATIVELY start the week of Monday, 11/13/23. Once we receive the schedules from various entities, we will release the schedule to the coaches to communicate with the parents/guardians.  


  • MYB will provide coaches with a list of winter season 2023-2024 tournaments. Please take note of the two state championships (Salem and Central Oregon) and associated qualifying tournaments:
  • It is the responsibility of the coaches/teams on how many tournaments your team competes in. Coaches and teams are responsible for fees and costs associated. Typically, teams select 8-10 tournaments for the season. The estimated cost per player per tournament is $20. 


MYB Board President: James Amano, contact: (503) 819-3121 /